Tips for Buying a Used Car

It’s time to choose a car that’s best for your lifestyle. Price is one of the main factors, but you should also consider your work commute, safety, passenger comfort, technology, and vehicle history. If you’re looking for newer used car inventory, you can always schedule a test drive in Wilmington, DE at Cox Auto Sales to get started.

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Giving Another Car a Jump Start

Dealing with a dead battery isn't anyone's idea of fun, including us here at Cox Auto Group in Wilmington, DE. However, this situation doesn't have to be so dire. A battery can be given a jump start if you have a helper vehicle and a set of jumper cables.

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Paying Attention to Exhaust Leak Signs

The exhaust system of your vehicle is important because it aids in decreasing the emissions that come from your vehicle. As with other systems, it's possible that you could have an exhaust leak that develops. A common sign of a leak that you want to get checked by Cox Auto Group is engine noise. 

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