Synthetic oil is the best thing you can do for your engine. Synthetics are made of higher quality base oils than conventionality oils, which makes them not only better to use but also a wiser investment in terms of longevity and performance.

Conventional oil will cause oxidation and acidification more easily, break down quicker, and lose those all-important protective qualities sooner. But synthetics don’t have that problem--they maintain their protective qualities through thick and thin which means they protect your engine longer, ward off damaging particles from wear on both new engines or old models with high miles on the clock, and resist water washout so you don't get sludge build up like with conventional oils, prolonging engine life.

That is why automakers will only allow synthetics in their latest models of luxury cars, as it provides smoothness and power to full-throttle acceleration that you may not yet experience with a conventional oil. It also offers fuel economy when there is increased mileage during their break-in periods and if used regularly.


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