Exercise is a big thing today, and more and more people are choosing to get their exercise by bicycling. Although many areas in the Wilmington, DE area have designated bike-riding roads, some people live in areas where they have to drive on the road. This can be dangerous if drivers and bicyclists aren’t respectful and law-abiding in regard to sharing the road with each other. Here are some tips on how car drivers can share the road with bicyclists.

One of the most important things vehicle drivers can do is acknowledge the fact that bicyclists have the same rights on the road as car or truck drivers. It’s also important for drivers to become familiar with bicyclist’s hand signals. They don’t have the option of blowing their horns or using flashers, but drivers should get to know what the hand signals mean. When passing a bicycle, allow sufficient space. Pay attention even if you’re parked because opening your door can pose a threat to a bicyclist driving past.