Of all the parts that make up a vehicle, belts and hoses are probably the smallest parts. However, despite their size, they play an important role in keeping your vehicle safe and operational on the road. We offer a full line of belts and hoses at our shop and encourage you to come to Cox Auto Group for tips on hose and belt maintenance.

We tend to forget small parts like belts, hoses, and clamps until they actually break down. When this does happen, it’s inconvenient and can become costly, especially if it causes serious damage to the vehicle. Checking your owner’s manual can help you know when and how often to bring your vehicle in for belt and hose maintenance.

Pay us a visit in Newark, DE, and allow our technicians to inspect your belts and hoses. While your vehicle may still be running great, making sure your hoses and belts are in good condition is the first step in ensuring it continues to run great.

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