While issues with your car are never welcoming, it's good to know what can cause common problems so that they can be remedied quickly. Here at Cox Auto Group, we want to help Newark, DE drivers understand how their vehicles work. Your vehicle has hundreds of gaskets, and it's important that they are replaced when needed to avoid costly repairs.

The purpose of gaskets is to hold two or more pieces together so that a seal is formed. Gaskets can be made of a variety of materials, such as copper, rubber, and multi-layered steel. They are made to withstand high temperatures and a wide range of substances.

If one of your gaskets fail, you may notice gargling, foaming, or bubbling coming from the radiator due to high levels of compression. You might also notice white smoke coming from the tailpipe, low cylinder pressure, and overheating. You can extend the life of your gaskets if you use a manufacturer-recommended coolant and change the oil and coolant when recommended.

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