When it comes to mufflers on a vehicle, one common misconception is that they're a superfluous feature. It can be easy to hear a motorcycle's roar and assume that all cars should sound like that, but this just isn't the case. In fact, your muffler may be far more important than you thought.

The main purpose of your muffler isn't actually just to quiet your vehicle down. In fact, this part of your car can actually help reduce harmful emissions from escaping into the atmosphere. That means your muffler and exhaust system is designed to help protect our environment - that's a little more important than you might've thought, right?

So when is it time to get a muffler serviced? At Cox Auto Group, we advise our customers to bring in their vehicles whenever they notice a new noise that persists after a few days. If something doesn't feel right, bring your vehicle to our dealership possible for servicing.

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