If you're experiencing battery issues, we offer this post for you today at Cox Auto Group. Do not let battery problems linger. This issue requires your attention before you wind up stuck in a Newark-area parking lot.

Let's begin by determining whether you actually need a new battery now. If you find corrosion around your battery's terminals, cleaning them may renew the battery's life. For your convenience, we professionally service and test batteries.

Once you're certain that your vehicle needs a new battery, seriously consider a lithium battery. Conventional batteries use a lead-acid reaction. Their power cells deplete sooner than lithium batteries. Even if your vehicle's stock battery was lead-acid, you can safely switch to a lithium unit. Doing so will provide you with 10 times more cold starts than the average lead-acid battery's lifespan offers. Of course, that means you can drive several years before you need to worry about replacing your battery again.

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