Weather extremes are hard on many systems in your car, especially the battery. Vital for providing that first spark that gets your engine running, your battery can leave you stranded unexpectedly when it fails. Regularly servicing it and getting an inspection when you're headed into the winter and summer seasons will keep it running smoothly.

Winter's harsh temperatures affect the electrolyte fluid inside your battery, causing it to freeze if it is already weakening and demanding more than it is capable of delivering when running multiple systems in subzero temperatures. In the summer, the opposite is true; the hotter your battery gets from the ambient temperature, the more likely it is to overwork itself, which will shorten the lifespan. The fluid in your battery can also evaporate, needing to be replaced. In some cases, your battery's terminals are subject to corrosion and need regular cleaning.

Have the experts at Cox Auto Group inspect your battery and provide any servicing it needs for the coming season.



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