The ability to brake quickly and easily is paramount to your safety while driving. One of the key components of your braking system that allows you to stop the car is the brake pads. Our service technicians at Cox Auto Group want you to understand more about how brake pads work so you'll understand the importance of keeping them in good repair.

Brake pads are that part of the braking system that come into contact with your vehicle's braking rotors to apply friction and pressure in order to make the vehicle stop. Over time, this friction wears down the brake pads, requiring them to be replaced. Because the brake pads go into action every time you slow down or brake your vehicle, it's essential that you replace them before they become ineffective at providing the friction necessary for slowing and braking.

Our Cox Auto Group service department in Wilmington, DE is ready to inspect your brake pads so you can enjoy safe driving. Schedule a visit soon!

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