Get Ready for the School Carpool

As those summer evenings get shorter, it's time for families to start thinking about fall and the start of school. If your son's or daughter's school day is packed with activities, you're probably putting a lot of miles on your car. Joining, or setting up, a carpool can help you get some extra years of use out of your vehicle.

After you find people who follow a similar schedule to you, come up with an efficient way to communicate with each other. This could involve texting, messaging, or emailing each other. Have drivers pick the days that will work for them, and make sure they can be fairly consistent with that schedule. Remember that safety comes first. Everyone needs a seat belt, and the back seat is the safest place for kids.

If you want to make sure your car's in good shape for transporting children, a technician from Cox Auto Group in Newark, DE can do a regular service check for you.

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